In 2014 I was asked to be a presenter and a performer at the NAACP Daytime Awards in LA. I was introduced to CHAZZ , as a percussionist extraordinaire and one of the members of the band for that event.  While in the first rehearsal preparing the material, I stopped to clear an arrangement  The night of my rehearsal with the musical director, Mr. Ross was also was also one of the accompanying musicians. As I stopped the music midway through the song to clear up something in my arrangements.  Mr. Ross, being the kind, respectful and truly gifted musician, that he is – looked up at me and said?  Ms. BLU, do you want me not to play in this section?  To which I replied with gusto- IF YOU STOP PLAYING, I WILL KILL YOU – BECAUSE I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU’RE PLAYING.  We all all had a great laugh,  And Mr. Ross, with spirited electricity running through his gifted hands, as he pounded his instrument, gave us a back-beat that you could literally sit-down in.  He’s a God-Send – And I Thank Him!  And He’s My Friend – And I Thank Him. 
Peggi Blu, American Idols' Vocal Coach From Hell!   

CHAZZ (Clarence Ross) is an amazing access to any theatrical production. I’ve had the good fortune to work with this talented percussionist on three occasions (“Colored Contradictions” at Company of Angels, “Flirting with Morty” at Acme Theatre and as our opening night performer for “Butterflies of Uganda: Memories of a Child Soldier” at Greenway Arts Alliance).  With each production CHAZZ has used his skills to take the show to the next level.  CHAZZ has the ability to enhance a production without overshadowing actors’ dialogue or the quiet moments.  CHAZZ’s winning personality, reliability and devotion to any project he undertakes allows me to highly recommend him to any producer or performer looking to give their production an added twist.  It is my pleasure and privilege to make the above recommendation and I welcome anyone wishing more information to contact me at PMitchellManning@ yahoo.com.
- Paula Mitchell Manning, INDEPENDANT PRODUCER, Los  Angeles

It is my immense pleasure to recommend my associate and friend, Clarence CHAZZ Ross.  I came to know Clarence in the summer of 1998 when he said “Yes” to my request for him to come and work side by side with me as one of my first associates at the Law Office of Lisa F. Collins.  He has remained a wonderful business partner, brother and friend for 15 years.  We have collectively survived and prospered during quite challenging times.  The clients that have been acquired by Clarence over the last 15 years have nothing but praise for him due to his superior intelligence and diligence regarding researching, drafting legal documents and his excellent legal skills.  He has certainly been an asset to my firm.  In regards to the Creative Clarence or CHAZZ, his fans know his awesome musical talents.  I am always amazed, but never surprised by his unique accomplishments.  This is because his most salient gift is his knack for extracting the best in others.  I see love in his smile, as he is always happy and radiant, a joyful and creative spirit that permeates his entire circle of life.  When I am fortunate to be with Clarence, at his performances, or during court room discussions, every moment is always exciting and informative.  I would like you to appreciate and give your most favorite considerations to Clarence CHAZZ Ross in any endeavor he chooses to pursue.  If there is any question to his reference, please feel free to contact me any time.  Peace And Blessings.
- Lisa F. Collins, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Leimert Park

CHAZZ is and has been a wonderful mentor, teacher, and (much, much older LOL) brother to me.  It is through his brave sense of self expression that I am inspired. He is an awesome drummer and a great humanitarian.  I am proud to be his first student, not just of drumming but the arts holistically.  Peace, Love, and Poetry.
-Mctate Stroman II, A BREAK-BEAT-POET, San José

CHAZZ guides students through a seamless safari of history, cultural awareness and creative expression that leaves parents and students enriched but yearning for more. His dynamic shows are an “Indiana Jones” experience. Buckle-up and Hold-On!

Thank you for your artistry and tremendous spirit. Thank you for helping with the Los Angeles Music Awards at Paramount Motion Picture Studios. You are an Ace!
- Bill Grisolia, NEW BLUES REVOLUTION, Band Leader, Long Beach

When I first saw CHAZZ ... I was spellbound. He was truly amazing. I knew instantly that I wanted his presence with me as I empower the community in which I live. He has now been with the Honor Thy Father Awards Dinner Ceremony for 8 years, and the Wooli Me Natural Hair Expo and Conference for 2 years. We are so honored to have this multi-talented genius in our mist!

Hired CHAZZ for a school function and thanks to him it turned out great. He is someone that every age group can enjoy. Love how everyone gets a turn to drum. CHAZZ, you are a great guy with great energy. Thanks again!

We just had what the faculty and kids called "the best assembly ever! One of the best library programs I have seen!" When we asked for "A spirited tour guide who takes children on an interactive musical safari" …You brought the Jungle to life! The children cannot stop talking about your unusual rhythms. Thank you for sharing your wonderful show!
- Pamela Wallace, CREATIVE SOURCES, Inc., Vice-President

CHAZZ is not only an amazingly talented musician, but also a humanitarian as well. He uses his gifts fully as an expression, and extension of his worldview. To experience Chazz is like experiencing a little bit of heaven!
- Juanita Jennings, ACTRESS, Los Angeles

CHAZZ is an expressive interpretation of the true art form. Intuitive in his abilities to reach the heart and innovative in his deliveries!
- Gregory Brandon, PHI BETA SIGMA NATIONAL BLACK FRATERNITY, Inc., Regional Officer

CHAZZ generously mentors young students and artists while maintaining his active professional schedule. A gifted teacher, CHAZZ blends his rare talents to create classrooms filled with unique blends of enthusiasm and participation. He is a man for all seasons who engineers his skills with passion and delight!
- Steven Boland, LAUSD- PARA LOS NIÑOS, Curriculum & Training Coordinator

I have followed CHAZZ's career from the beginning. He is truly unique in his craft. He has taken the drum to places no one would. CHAZZ is the star at every occasion for his percussion performance. He has played his drum in synagogues, ballroom dances, schools, libraries, stage plays, and many other venues. He is outstanding. CHAZZ truly deserves the standing ovations he receives!
- DeBorah Rogokos, MUTUAL OF OMAHA, Senior Agent

I hired CHAZZ for a variety show in Huntington Beach, and though the logistics were not ideal (including my last minute rush to fill the space of an injured artist within just a few days), CHAZZ made it work with no complaints. If CHAZZ is anything, he is complete radiant enthusiasm. I venture to say he is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met - a great energy to be around! His enthusiasm both on and off the stage is contagious and his willingness to be a team player is admirable. Thanks CHAZZ for your enthusiasm and joy!
- Jennifer Tehani Sarreal, INTERNATIONAL DANCER, Long Beach

Your web site is definitely a reflection of U. Your body and spirit come through in your drumming. Anytime you reach out to youngsters, you are instantly blessed. Your attention to detail in the menu options gives all who visit a picture of your education, diversity and talent. I love your drive, your commitment to learn feeding your expansive rhythms. Creativity continuously feeds upon itself and all that you experience. Thank you for inviting me to share in the poetry of your music!
- Shirley A. Smith, CENTURY 21, Residential and Foreclosure Specialist, Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of experiencing CHAZZ's many talents as a member of Community Bible Church, Pasadena. He is an accomplished musician and a wonderful teacher of children. Success will stalk you!
- Wilda Black, 'BLAC DESIGNS JEWELRY, Founder & CEO, Altadena

CHAZZ is a multi-talent of the greatest proportions filled with spirit and energy to make any function the greatest experience for all live or recorded. A consummate professional, you will be glad to hire CHAZZ for your next session or professional event!
- Anna Fisher, MOLIN MUSIC, Producer, Los Angeles

CHAZZ, I enjoy the layout of your site. No matter what link you click on, there are CHAZZ drums sounds being heard. I have enjoyed interacting and drumming with you over the past several years. Your working with disabled students is commendable. I hope you and I can collaborate on percussion in the near future. Keep the drumming spirit alive!
- Roberto "Dr. Ritmo" Casas, NIGHTLIFE w/Aalon, Band Leader, Chino

Through CHAZZ’s glowing excitement, students immediately create exotic sounds, play rhythms and sing together with authentic shakers, claves and djembe drums. As they advance through the workshop, CHAZZ inter-weaves musical history and self-expression as everyone Calls & Answers! What a Teacher - What a Thrill – CHAZZ is Awesome!

- Grace Castro-Nagata, LATIN SOUNDS INITIATIVE, Inc., President & CEO


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